New Book Release

New Book Release

Better Meetings Aren’t Boring: A Leader’s Guide to Improving Your Virtual, In-Person, and Hybrid Conversations

Better Meetings Aren’t Boring ebook cover

Laugh and learn how to make your meetings more interactive and productive.

Better Meetings Aren’t Boring ebook cover

With memorable analogies, tangible examples and a few entertaining stories of abject failure, this e-book will share many ideas to make your meetings a more effective use of everyone’s time.

  • Go beyond simple meeting agendas to discover new rules you can use to engage every participant.
  • Keep the energy up by ensuring Usain Bolt never wins and not letting the Round Table run your show.
  • Implement a post-game strategy that enhances what’s working and stops the situations that people can’t stand.
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Your Download Supports the Fight!

Pivot Turn Publishing is donating $1.00 from every purchase of Better Meetings Aren’t Boring to support ALS Advocacy organizations. At its core, this book shares many ways to encourage participation in your meetings. ALS is a disease that slowly – and fatally – takes away someone’s ability to participate in their own life. From the purchase of every book, we will make a donation to support ALS patients in their fight for life-saving therapies.

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Erin Romeo, Pivot Turn Publishing

About the Author: Erin Romeo

About the Author:
Erin Romeo

Erin has hosted meetings in a variety of roles; as a lawyer, a strategic marketing leader in a Fortune 500 company, and an entrepreneur who started her own consulting company.

With some quick math, Erin has hosted 3,000 hours of meetings in the last two years. She’s spent over double that time preparing herself and other people for those meetings.

She has developed tips, tricks and techniques to help you get people to participate, extract information and feedback through conversation and deliver meaningful impact at every meeting.

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What People Are Saying:

"This book should be required reading for anyone who wants to send a meeting invite!"

- Neya Abdi

"Erin Romeo has made a career out of getting things done. Her new book provides a roadmap to one of her expert strategies."

- Stephanie Craig

"If you’re tired of wasting your time on meaningless meetings, then this is book is for you, (and your colleagues 😉)!"

- Delaney Peters

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Better Meetings Aren’t Boring ebook cover
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